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About Camera Check Point

Camera Check Point is owned and operated by Ben and Rhonda Vang and was established in Dubbo NSW in 1981.

Ben’s career in all things photographics spans over 40 years starting with a 4-year apprenticeship in Denmark, providing a solid background in photography, including press, studio and laboratory work, as well as products, sales and service.
Camera electronics, computing and digital systems studies have been added as technology advanced.

After arriving in Australia Ben worked for a period with Kodak in Sydney before partnering in various photographic enterprises. He has trained young people in the trade who have gone on to own their own businesses.

Professional credentials include:

“Having serviced over 30.000 pieces of equipment over the years, I have picked up a few tips and a little experience along the way.
This basically means that I am one of the few technicians still around (some would say ‘old phart’), who can repair the old mechanical cameras, lenses and projectors.”

“Digital SLR cameras brought along new challenges in service and maintenance, especially sensor cleaning. This led to the development of our SafeWipe cleaning products and to writing and illustrating our own guides, thus enabling photographers to clean their own camera sensors and lenses safely.”

Through the pages of this website I aim to explain service options, give tips about maintenance, and show what you can do yourself.

Hopefully the information provided will save you some time.

Ben Vang

ABN 80 490 725 384
P.O. Box 7072,
Dubbo NSW 2830

All inquiries should be made by email to:

Or phone (02) 6884 1999
to leave your details for a phone-back call.

Business Closure

The time has come to retire and we wish to advise that Camera Check Point will cease operation in June 2018.
After 35 years of operation and repairing well over Twenty Thousand cameras and lenses, we plan to take it a little easier.

Many thanks to all clients.