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Critical focus calibration

In order to obtain a sharp image, several parts of the camera must be properly aligned and adjusted.

Critical Focus Calibration means taking time to make all necessary adjustments, at time of service, so the point of focus does not deviate beyond a Circle of Confusion figure of 0.03mm across the film plane.

As you can understand, even though all care is taken when adjusting parallelism, any drop of the camera, or the use of a heavy unsupported lens, can affect the mount-to-film plane distance.

Although SLR film cameras generally come factory adjusted within tolerance, it is possible to fine tune the back focus on some models.

Fine tuning can make all the difference, if your purpose for using film is to ultimately digitally scan the negatives.

The process of adjustment can take an extra hour of service time and this is reflected in the price asked for such cameras offered for sale.

Refurbished cameras and lenses

This page will list equipment which has been lovingly serviced to highest standard, and offered for sale.

At this moment (December 2017) all refurbished items have been sold out, but more will come in the new year.

Pentax K.1000Models expected to be finished include Pentax K1000 and Pentax SP-F, some of which will have had Critical Focus adjustment carried out. Also expected are Canon Ftb and Minolta SRT.

Please check back in 2018, or email me with any special requirements.

Canon FTb