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Repair and service of film cameras

A good quality film camera could easily have set you back a week’s wages when originally purchased, not to mention the cost of lenses and accessories. But they were expected to, and did, last a long time.

This page is about film cameras and their service. So, if you are a collector, or just want a film camera restored, perhaps one you have inherited, or paid hard earned cash for, then read on!

Classics such as Pentax SP series and K1000, Minolta SRT, Olympus OM1 Canon FT series, Ricoh KR and more, can almost certainly still be restored, even though some may be 50 years or older!

Granted, the cost of a complete overhaul may well cost as much as the camera did originally, but it is going to last for many more years. I guarantee this is not something you will be able to expect with a digital camera.

Voigtlander1Restoring classic and vintage film cameras is a long time passion of mine.
There is something special about a camera that functions by purely mechanical means, without the aid of electronics or power, other than perhaps for an inbuilt exposure meter.

They have the charm of an old pendulum clock give a satisfying sound when the button is pressed and captures that special moment in time.

A lot of time goes into the service of the cameras I accept for repair. Before service can proceed your camera is assessed to ensure that my time will be well spend and that you will be getting good value for your investment.

If the camera is not worth restoring I will tell you! After all, I am giving you 12 months warranty and, like you, I will expect the camera to be of good behaviour for a good many more years.

Every camera is extensively dismantled, every part checked, hand cleaned and lubricated, seals and cushion material is replaced. The camera is reassembled and calibrated.

There are only a few technicians left in Australia, with the knowledge and experience in repairing mechanical cameras and I am one of them! With luck I will continue putting ‘snap’ back into cameras and lenses for a little while yet.

Here’s a look at the operating table.

Repair Services

To have a camera repaired please email your inquiry, giving details of the camera brand and model, describing the problem as clearly as possible.

An obligation free estimate will be forwarded to you within a few days.

Email us for estimate.

As a rough guide, a general overhaul of a 35mm camera starts at $265 and go up to $450 for very complex units.


School cameras

If your school run courses in photography, using film cameras, I offer economical repair between terms.
Refurbished cameras may also be available.

Not repaired:

Cameras damaged by liquid, sand, rust/corrosion, battery leakage, or impact. Nor do I repair cameras that have been tampered with or have been dismantled.

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