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Camera Check Point closes in June 2018 after 37 years of operation.
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Repair and service of film cameras

A good quality film camera, when originally purchased, could easily set you back a week’s wages, not to mention the cost of lenses and accessories. But cameras were expected to last many years, and they did, with most still working today.

This page is about film cameras and their service. So, if you want a film camera restored, your own and paid hard earned cash for, or one you have inherited … read on!

Pentax K1000 35mm cameraClassics such as Pentax SP, SP-F, K1000, KM and KX, Minolta SRT, Canon FT series, Ricoh KR and more, can almost always be restored to former glory, even though some may be 50 years or older!

Granted, the cost of a complete overhaul may well be as much as the camera’s original price, but it is going to last for many more years, and certainly longer than any digital camera is likely to.

Voigtlander1 35mm cameraRestoring classic and vintage film cameras is a long time passion of mine.
There is something special about a camera that functions by purely mechanical means. No need for electronics, and no battery except perhaps to power the exposure meter.

They have the charm of an old mechanical clock and give a satisfying sound when the button is pressed, as that special moment in time is captured.

Canonet QL19 cameraTo service such cameras take time, so you want to be certain that the time is well spend.

Before service can proceed the camera is assessed to ensure that the investment is worth while.

If the camera is beyond reliable restoration you will be advised.

Every camera is extensively dismantled, every part checked, hand cleaned and lubricated, seals and cushion material is replaced. The camera is reassembled and calibrated.

Business Closure

The time has come to retire and we wish to advise that Camera Check Point will cease operation June 2018.

After 37 years of operation and servicing over 30.000  pieces of photo equipment (cameras, lenses, projectors and more), we plan to take it a little easier, and new work can no longer be accepted.

Unfortunately there are few technicians left in Australia with the knowledge and experience required to ‘put snap’ back into mechanical cameras and lenses.

For this reason I am planning on making available my vast library of service information, notes and know-how.

The project will take time and will not happen immediately, but, if you are interested in getting your hands on the material, just drop me an email to register your name.

Many thanks,
Ben Vang