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How Microfibres actually work

Microfibre is a manmade (synthetic) fibre, usually produced from a blend of polyester and polyamide.
To be called
‘microfibre’ a strand of fibre will be about 1/100 the diameter of a human hair or about 1/20 the diameter of a strand of silk, but high quality material can be much finer.

During manufacture fibres are split to produce spaces within each fibre and then bundled together. If a cross section is viewed through a microscope it looks a little like an asterisk or a star.
These are then split again, producing  ultra fine fibres with millions of
sharp edged hooks and loops, and this is what is then used to knit or weave the final products.

Click for even closer view of individual fibres.

The above image is a magnified view of a cleaning cloth. If you click the image you will get an even closer view which clearly shows the sharp edged loops of the fibres.

Dirt and dust particles are negatively charged whereas the MicroFibres are positively charged, and this is one of the reasons why MicroFibre cloths are great cleaning tools.

The MicroFibres grab and hold onto particles by trapping them in the millions of tiny hooks and loops that make up the woven material.

For optical cleaning we have small microfibre squares available for single use, as well as a larger ultra soft cloth, fine enough to clean finger marks without liquids.

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Wiping with a conventional cloth!

With a conventional cloth dirt is usually wiped up using water or chemicals.
As you wipe the surface dirt is being pushed around. Some is wiped up, some collects into a pile for removal, but some is usually left behind on the surface.

Microfibre cloths cut through the dirt and grime, breaking it apart, trapping the particles within the fibre loops where it is then carried away.

Click here to see a magnified view of particles trapped within the loops of one of our cloths.

In very fine MicroFibre material, such as our Master Wipe Cloths the surface of the woven strands provides thousands of tiny spaces between the fibres.
The tiniest particles, even finger marks, get trapped and are cleaned away with nothing more than fogging the surface with your breath and then wiping it.

Click to see specks caught in the fibres.