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The time has come to retire and we wish to advise that Camera Check Point will cease operation in June 2018.
After 37 years of operation and repairing well over 25.000  cameras and lenses, we plan to take it a little easier.

When a projector has not been used for some considerable period of time, you may find that the lamp fails to switch on.

If the lamp is not faulty, or, if a new lamp does not work either, there is probably a problem with the  lamp socket.

Halogen lamps require a good deal of power to light up, so, if good contact is not being made in the lamp socket, the lamp will either be very dim or fail to light.

Sockets for halogen lamps usually use copper/brass type plates, but lamp pins are of a different metal. During use and in storage there is a slight reaction between the two dissimilar metals and frequently this causes corrosion to develop, as does touching the pins with your fingers.

You may find that an old lamp is being difficult to remove from the socket, and, that the pins look whitish or blackened. This is a sure sign of corrosion and burn damage to the contacts.

If the socket contacts are much damaged the socket may need replacing, but often you can clean it as described below.

You will need either a 1mm drill bit or a small 1 to 1.5mm metal reamer.

BEFORE drilling apply some contact cleaner, such as CR7 or WD40 to the tip of the drill or reamer, enough to wet the tip of the tool.

If very corroded, drip some rust remover liquid into the socket holes and let it act for a couple of minutes before cleaning. Rinse out residual rust removed with metho and let it dry well, before plugging a lamp into it again.

Gently rotate the drill/reamer back and forth in each socket hole. Repeat a few times. This should clean the internal contact plates sufficiently to restore good electrical contact with the lamp.

After cleaning make sure to rinse out any cleaning or rust liquid with metho or lighter fluid. Let it dry thoroughly before inserting a lamp.

Clean the old lamp pins by removing the corrosion with a fine metal file, then polish with some emery paper.
Finally wipe the contact pins with a contact cleaner, such as CR7.

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How to clean corrosion from projector lamp sockets

Corroded lamp pinsFile off corrosion and clean pins.