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Lens-shutter mechanisms, as found in most larger format cameras, such as  Mamiya RB and Twin-lens, Rollei, Yashica, Seagul, Bronica, Hasselblad, PentaSix, etc are intricate and precision made mechanisms.

Complex Shutter Mechanism with mechanical shutter to 1/500 secTo service and restore such modules requires patience and skill and is not for the faint hearted.

Every part in the mechanism has to be removed, hand cleaned, lubricated and then readjusted upon reassembling.

It is not unusual to have up to 200 parts on the workbench when a shutter is dismantled.Pneumatically controlled shutter mechanism

Vintage shutter mechanisms
can, in most cases, be restored successfully.

The mechanisms shown here are typical lens-shutter unit from early View Cameras. Despite advanced age,  they restored beautifully and were able to be used again for some old time photography.

DF Compound Pneumatically controlled shutter with lensThe particular shutter above uses a Pneumatic Piston to control the exposure timing. Surprisingly the accuracy was excellent.

On the left, the shutter is back in place between the front and rear lens groups.

Here’s what a fully dismantled
Prontor 500 shutter looks like!

How to test a shutter

You can get a very good idea of the mechanical condition of the shutter as follows:

A sound shutter mechanism will run cleanly and without hesitation. Anything else and service is indicated.

To have a shutter properly serviced requires patience, the right tools and the best lubricants.
Don’t be surprised if the cost exceeds $300. A complex mechanical shutter can easily take 5-6 hours to refurbish.

Service of shutter mechanisms as
used in pro-format cameras!