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Slide Projectors - service, lamps and fan/drive belts

Typical model slide projector using Standard Slide TrayMost slide projectors can be restored to sound operating condition provided there is no serious physical damage.

Years in storage, without use, can cause lubricants to stiffen and belts to decompose, and in some cases the motor pinion gear or drive coupler gears go soft or brittle and fail.
All such problems can be solved, although having new gears made up may not be economical. It all depends on the brand and model and original product quality.

The following brands are usually servicable:

Agfa, Liesegang, Pradovit, Rollei, Norris, Perkeo, Voigtlander, Kodak Carousel and some Hanimex models.

Most problems are usually confined to a worn drive belt or a corroded lamp socket.
For new belts and lamps please click side button.

Unfortunately there a few places left that service projectors, however, contacting a camera service business in your state should help you locate a repair place.

Do-it-yourself …

Often the projector is only in need of a new fan or drive belt or a new lamp and perhaps a good clean-up. Removing the covers usually gain access to the mechanism and you will be able to replace the belt, replace the lamp and clean the optics.

Replacement belts …

Belts are custom made. Please click side button for details.

Replacement lamps …

Halogen lamps are generally easy to find, whereas older type filament lamps can be hard to find. Click the side button for suggestions of possible sources.

Tips on handling and adjusting lamps …

Avoiding premature failure of a projector bulb is important, especially when it comes to the older style (and often quite costly) filament bulbs. Here are some things to remember:

  1. Avoid touching the glass of the small Quartz Halogen Bulbs (pictured to the right). The cover sleeve should only be removed AFTER the bulb has been inserted into the projector. If accidentally touches make sure to clean it off with a tissue and metho.
  2. Never tilt the projector more than the front elevating legs will allow. If the picture needs to be higher on the screen lift the whole projector. Tilter more than the legs allow may cause the lamp filament to deform and burn out faster than necessary.
  3. Make sure the new lamp is inserted correctly and that it is properly adjusted in the socket for best light output and longest life. See this page for lamp adjustment!
  4. Make sure the fan is running and the air vents and grills are not obstructed, and that there is free air flow around the projector.

Buying a second hand projector

Some brands are better than otheres and it your are looking to purchase a used projector, then the brands below are recommended:

Rollei, Norris, Perkeo, Voigtlander, Pradovit, Liesegang and Agfa

Projector bulbs are available from our online shop - just click bulb.Yoy should look for a projector that uses a 2-pin Halogen Bulb and the Standard Universal Slide Tray (pictured below).

Anything else and you may have problems getting new bulbs or trays.

Standard Universal Slide tray Need a new belt? Need a new lamp?