Terms of service for shutter repair

Preliminary: Mechanical shutter units that have no physical damage generally restore well and a complete service will provide many more years of use.

However, where internal parts such as springs, levers and shutter blades have become faulty, reliable repair may not be possible.

Repair requiring parts: Where new parts are no longer available we will make use of salvaged or substitute parts where appropriate. You authorise us to use such parts and means as deemed necessary to restore the shutter to a sound and reliable working condition.

Aged and corrosion affected mechanisms: Occasionally these conditions may prevent the proper disassembly of the mechanism, which in turn may cause unintentional problems. Despite using the best professional methods and procedures, spontaneous failure and even physical damage may occur.
You understand and accept that there is a risk of unforeseen problems arising during the  service of old equipment. You agree that Camera Check Point shall not be liable to compensate you for spontaneous, unintentional failure or event that may occur due to the condition of the shutter.

Shutter speed accuracy: Speeds will be adjusted as best possible and will generally be within accepted tolerance. However, due to spring fatigue, accuracy is unlikely to be achieved at the high end speeds, 1/500 and occasionally 1/250. Typically the highest speed can be slow by about 50%. For purpose of exposure compensation any such variations will be reported where applicable.

Warranty:  12 months from date of service on mechanical condition, but no warranty can be given against spontaneous failure of any part.