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Contact and Mount maintenance kit

Item # 5006 - Contact and Mount kit                $33.00

Contact and mount cleaning and enhancing kit.Contact Cleaning & Enhancing with DeoxIT

Probably the most essential product for maintenance cleaning and one we have used in the workshop for over 20 years. Every camera and lens service we perform (past and present), is not regarded to be complete without a final application of DeoxIT contact cleaner and enhancer.

Contaminated communication contacts (lens, camera, flash, battery, etc) is a common cause of erratic function of cameras. Cleaning and treatment with DeoxIT will help ensure positive and proper contact function.

Most importantly DeoxIT also acts as a lubricant! When applied to the camera and lens bayonet mounts, not only does it clean the surfaces, it also lubricates them. This in turn helps prevent metal and plastic shavings, caused by the friction when changing lens, ending up on the sensor surface.
You will experience silky smooth lens change action following cleaning due to the lubricating properties of DeoxIT.

We have prepared a Contact & Mount Cleaning Guide with illustrations and instructions on how to clean and protect your camera and lens mounts and contacts.

Included with the kit:

Item # 5007 - 2ml tube of DeoxIT liquid only    $15.00

DeoxIT contact cleaner

2ml tube of liquid only.

As supplied in the kit but without the guide and swabs.