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Dust-Aid Platinum DSLR Sensor Cleaner

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Item # 5001 - Dust-Aid Platinum

Platinum Cleaning tool   $45.00

Sorry - SOLD OUT

Dust-Aid Platinum Sensor Cleaner wandThis is probably the easiest method and simplest tool for removing loose dust particles from the sensor surface (bits that suddenly appear or seem to move around the image).

The Dust-Aid Platinum tool consists of a flagpole like wand with a finely textured, slightly sticky silicone pad on its base.

Dust-Aid Platinum useLoose bits and particles are safely removed from the sensor surface by a ‘stamping’ like action. The wand lasts indefinitely but the pad must, of course, be kept clean. For this purpose special cleaning strips are included with the pack, as well as a bag of mini-swabs for maintenance cleaning.

The Dust-Aid Platinum wand is our first-choice-tool when cleaning sensors. It is a simple, yet effective and safe method for removing loose and stray particles from the sensor surface.

Item # 5002 - refill pack of

4 extra Cleaning Strips  $12.00

2 or more packs - 20% off

NOTE:  If you purchased the Platinum tool from us please email for special price.