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Humidity Indicator Cards for archival aid

6-spot HI Cards

Fungus has destroyed many valuable photographs, negatives, Cds and DVDs, and caused much damage to camera sensors, lenses and optics.

Humidity levels are usually brought under control with Silica Gel, but storage conditions should then be monitored.

HI Cards provide a safe, low cost monitoring aid with instant visual indication of humidity levels. They can be placed in storage bags and boxes with the item to be protected, and will instantly indicate the humidity level.

While the humidity is at an acceptable level the spots on the HI card remain blue. As the humidity increases, the spots slowly change colour and become pink., visually indicating that it is time to renew or regenerate the Silica Gel.

Cards are available with either 3 spots (30% to 60% range), or with 6 spots (10% to 60% range). The 3-spot cards are ideal for use in small poly bags storing lenses and cameras, whereas the 6-spot cards offer early indication of humidity changes with sensitive media, prints and negatives.

Tyvek material storage envelopes size A4/C4

Tyvek Archival Storage Envelopes

We have a small supply or hard-to-find A4/C4 archival quality Tyvek envelopes available for safekeeping of media such as negatives, prints, disks, movie films, etc.

Tyvek material is one of the safest archival storage materials, being acid free and not affected by fungi or humidity.

Together with HI Cards they provide safe storage condition for precious old materials.

Item # 5031a - pack of 20
3-Spot Indicator Cards      $9.95

Item # 5031b - pack of 20
6-Spot Indicator Cards       $9.95

Item # 5032 - pack of 5
Tyvek A4 envelopes         $12.95


End of line clearance.

Were $22.- and $29.50 per pack.

TO CLEAR $9.95 ea

3-spot HI card