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SafeWipe MicroFibre optical cloths

SafeWipe MiniWipe cloth

Finely woven MicroFibre cloth for cleaning all optical surfaces. Much more effective than paper tissues.

The small 75x75mm size cloths are supplied in vacuum sealed packs of 50.

Recommended for single use cleaning applications to prevent scuffing risks presented by cloth reuse.

Master Wipe Super Soft Cloth

100% continues filament in double-knit construction, Clean Room manufactured microfibre cloths with laser sealed edges.

Remarkable cleaning power for all optical surfaces including, lens optics,
cd and dvd disks, spectacles, tablets and smart phone screens, etc.

Lens and camera utility brush

Thick, extra soft 140mm long wool brush.

Safely brush away loose debris and particles from lenses and filters prior to wiping with cloths or tissues.

Get five - so you always have a fresh replacement when one gets dirty!

Item # 5017 - bulk pack of 10

MasterWipe Lens Cloths  $29.50

Item # 5016 - double pack (2)

MasterWipe Lens Cloths  $9.90

Item # 5018
MiniWipe - pack of 50    $29.50

Item # 5019  -  single
Soft utility lens brush      $6.60

Item # 5020   pack of 5 (five)
soft utility lens brushes  $19.80

MiniWipe lens cloth Super Soft Lens Cloth Soft hair lens brush

Size: 228mm x228mm

Until sold out we
offer bulk packs
of 10 cloths,
supplied in a hard plastic case.

Click to enlarge!

Until sold out you
can get a bulk pack