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Drive belts for movie and slide projectors

Our belts are custom-made to fit projectors and other equipment where round belts can used. Unlike common black o-ring belts, our belts are made with special, chemical resistant belt material from Switzerland.
It is better than the original belt and is likely to outlast the projector.

While V-belt material is not available, these belts can in most cases be substituted with a round 3mm or 4 mm belt.

If your projector is listed in the table below we can supply the belt needed immediately. If your projector is NOT on the list please see bottom of page for details.

How to get a belt if your projector is NOT listed:

If we have not had the opportunity to measure a particular projector, we can still make a belt provided measurements are supplied.

Because of the belt material we use, the old belt cannot be used for measuring purpose. The safest way to obtain accurate measurements is to follow our Measuring Instruction available as a PDF document.

Please download the instructions by clicking the link above.



Order each belt separately by entering the belt size AND projector model in the box below, then click the cart button.

To order different sized belts please input each order separately. 15% discount deducted when two or more belts are ordered.

Cost per belt $25.00

Projector model                              Belt Use                   Size #

PS: Remember to check your projector lamp!
Save postage by ordering lamp and belt together.

Once you have made your measurements, please submit the “Custom Belt Request” form below or email the details to us.
We will confirm the order and delivery within 2 working days.

For other projector inquiries please email us at  

Custom Belt Request Inside view of the projector mechanism will help identification

Projector identification

Many projectors were made by one manufacturer and sold under various brand names.

If we ask you to submit an image of the mechanism (so we can compare it with our file), please email a digital photo showing the entire inside mechanism of your projector, as in the image below.

This will assist with making up custom belt sizes.

Projector mechanism view

Front view of projector will assist with identifying unlisted belt sizes

Projector front view