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Lamps for SLIDE & 8mm MOVIE projectors

For lamp life expectancy and warranty please see bottom of page.

8v 50w lamp type A1/17 with P30S bayonet base

8 volt 50w type A1/17
also known as CXR/CXL, 13120C, 58.8007, and Spaceman. Replaces A1/263 - no longer made.
Made in Germany.
This lamp is used in large number of older 8mm projectors and has a rated burning life of 20 to 25 hours.

Lamps with P30s base

Type A1/17 (CXR/CXL) 13120C, 58.8007

Item #5041   $59.95

20% off for 2 or more

2-pin Halogen projector lamp

Two-pin halogen projector lamps

Halogen 2-pin projector lamp type A1/45 EHE ETA

For lamps not listed above please check next page >>

Lamp life is rated in hours of use. Halogen lamps have a rated life of 50 hours, and some types it can be 500 to 1000 hours.
Non-halogen lamps have a rated life of 15 to 25 hours.

The actual service life depends on several factors, such as voltage setting, good ventilation, and correct adjustment of the lamp position.

A correctly adjusted lamp will give better light output and last the rated number of hours, whereas an incorrectly adjusted lamp may burn out within a short time, and can even explode.

We have prepared a special information page which give details on how to adjust lamps as well as other important tips.

Lamp Warranty:
All lamps are physically inspected and tested immediately prior to shipping. If a lamp arrives in less that perfect condition it may be returned for replacement or refund within 14 days. Please make sure you order the correct lamp. If an incorrect lamp is fitted into a projector it is very likely to fail within minutes and such failure is not covered by any warranty.

Type A1/220 (BRL, 7027, 64610)

12v 50w lamp - Item #5035   $16.50

Type A1/215, (FCR, 7023, 64625)

  12v 100w lamp - Item #5036  $16.50

Types: A1/216, FCS, 7158, 64640.

24v 150w 2-pin halogen lamp

Sorry - sold out - click here for source!

Type A1/45 (EHE/ETA 6839, 64626)
Used in some
Eumig projector models

  12v 100w lamp - Item #5037  $19.50

Halogen lamps with reflector

2-pin Halogen projector lamp with dicroic reflector

Type A1/231 (EFP, 6834, 64627)

Used in large variety of 8mm projectors

12v 100w lamp - rated 50 hours

Sorry - sold out - click here for an alternate source!

Type A1/229, EFM, 6847, 64607

8v 50w  -  Item #5061  $19.50

Type A1/230, EFN, 6853, 64615

12v 75w  -  Item #5062  $29.50

2-pin Halogen projector lamp with dicroic reflector

Type A1/232, EFR, 6423, 64634
500 hours

15v 150w  -  Item #5065  $19.50

Type EJM/ELD/EJN,  5995, 13158, 93631

21v 150w  -  Item #5068  $19.50

2-pin Halogen projector lamp with dicroic reflector

Type A1/252, EJL, 13164, 64644

24v 200w  -  Item #5069  $19.50

2-pin Halogen projector lamp with dicroic reflector types DDM, EKE, ENB EXY etc 2-pin Halogen projector lamp with dicroic reflector types EHL, EXR etc

Type DDM

19v 80w  -  Item #5066  $19.50


21v 150w  -  Item #5067  $19.50

Type EHL

Used in Kodak Ektagraphic models

120v 300w  -  Item #5071  $19.50

We are closing down after 35 years of operation and we must clear our stock of lamps. All lamp prices marked in red are reduced, many to less than half the normal price and some discounted when ordering 2 or more.

For lamp types not listed below go to next page.

All lamps are tested prior to shipping.

All lamps are inspected and tested just before shipping!

Don’t know which lamp you need?

If you are unable to identify the lamp you need, please use the inquiry form below.

Let us know the brand and model of your projector and we will check our projector database to determine the correct lamp.

Lamp inquiry 2-pin halogen lamp type A1/216 and A1/223