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Types: A1/186, BXT, 7238N and 58.8105
Used in many Eumig models and several slide projectors.
12 volt 100w projector bulb with B15s base approx 15mm diameter.

Item #5042  -  $49.00

Types: A1/193, BWT, BLS, 7909J, 58.8107 Used in older Eumig P8 M series projectors.
12 volt 100w projector bulb with B21s base approx 21mm diameter.
If you are unsure if the correct lamp is correct for your projector model, please check with us.

Sorry, sold out.
Can be ordered directly from supplier in Holland. Click this link.

Lamps with 4-pin base type G17q and P28s

Lamps with B15s and B21s base

Projector lamp base type B15s

2 locating pins

Projector lamp base type G17Q

4-pin + centre

Projector lamp base type P28S

2 flanges

Projector lamp base type B21s

4 locating pins

Projector lamp type A1/212 CYN 6289C  24v 150w G17Q

Lamps for SLIDE & 8mm MOVIE projectors

Lamps on this page are manufactured in small quantities and therefore quite expensive. To ensure that you get the best service and life span of your new lamp, you need to ensure the lamp is correctly adjusted!

An incorrectly adjusted lamp is likely to burn out within a short space of time, and can even explode. Check out our special information page on how to adjust lamps as well as other important tips.

Lamp inquiryLamps are identified by the base, voltage and wattage. If you can’t identify the lamp you need, please use the lamp inquiry form and we will look up our projector data base for details.

All lamps listed below have a rated burning life of 15 to 25 hours. Actual life depends on correct lamp adjustment, voltage and proper ventilation in the projector.

For 2-pin halogen lamps and Spaceman lamp (A1/17) please see page 1.

 Type A1/212, CYN, 6289C, 58.8224
24v volt 150w lamp with 4-pin G17Q base.

Item 5044  -  $49.00

See bottom of page for lamps no longer available

Miscellaneous small lamps and bulbs

6v 10w mini lamp for movie editor - B15s base6v 10w halogen mini lamp for 8mm movie editor - B15s base

Movie editor lamp - 6 volt 10w w/B15s base
used in most 8mm editors

Item #5034  -  $12.00

Movie editor lamp - 6 volt 10w w/B15s base
HALOGEN version of #5085

Item #5034H  -  $22.00

Exciter lamp for optical sound projector

Exciter lamp - 4 volt 0.75A with P30s base
Horizontal filament for optical sound projector

Item #5049  -  $22.00

Lamps no longer available and some advice …

Regretfully we are no longer able to supply the older lamp types listed below. The manufacturing costs are now so high that you can purchase a more modern projector (with a low cost, high light output halogen lamp), for the price of one of these lamps.

Are you looking for one of these lamps:

You may find one of these lamps from an overseas source, such as www.techlamps.co.uk who still have stock of many old lamps.

When searching for one of the above lamps it is important to make sure that they are rated the correct voltage for use in Australia - that is 240 or 250v.
However, as already mentioned the lamps will be expensive and only have a rated life of between 10 and 25 hours.

Rather than risking purchasing one of these lamps, you will probably find that it would be better to locate a refurbished projector with halogen lamp (lower cost and longer life).
Good slide projector brands are Rollei, Voigtlander and Liesegang and good 8mm movie projector brands are Eumig, Sankyo, Titan etc.

Please see bottom of page
for lamps no longer available!

Don’t know which lamp you need?

If you are unable to identify the lamp you need, please use the inquiry form below.

Let us know the brand and model of your projector and we will check our projector database to determine the correct lamp.

Lamp inquiry

BLUE, SILVER or CLEAR lamp tops?

Some older lamps had a blue or silver top coating, and some had a metal cap.

Many new lamps are no longer supplied with this feature and have clear glass tops.

The lamp will still be correct, but it is likely that older projectors, without internal heat shield, will get quite warm on the top of the lamp housing.

Learn how to adjust lamps for best light output and how to prevent premature burn-out.