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SafeWipe® Microfibre Swabs

24mm Full Frame SafeWipe swab17mm SafeWipe swabSee what users of the swabs have to say!

The 3.5mm MicroFibre Mini-Swab

Designed to safely clean small specks and spots from the sensor surface, and, for cleaning the delicate front silvered mirror in DSLR cameras.
It is the ideal tool for cleaning small optical surfaces such as the rear lens elements and viewfinder eye lens.

We keep finding new uses for it in our workshop and technicians around the country have dubbed it ‘their little miracle cleaner’, cleaning tiny optics in mobile devices, eye pieces, microscopes, and riffle scopes.

SafeWipe 3mm Mini Swab

Item # 5011 Mini Swab

Pack of 24      $12.95

Best and safest mirror cleaning tool Long reach 7mm microfibre cleaning swab

The 7mm Long Reach Microfibre Mini-Swab

For cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces, such as deep into the rear of lenses. Also easier to manoeuvre in tight spaces, e.g. mirror chamber, when spot cleaning sensor surfaces.

The shaft about 145 mm long. When used in deep narrow spaces the flexible shaft can be made rigid by using the optional Metal Sleeve.

Item # 5013  Long Reach Swab

Pack of 24   $ 19.80

Metal support shaft for long reach swab Long Reach Swab with metal sleeve

Item # 5015  Swab Support Shaft
to prevent flexing of swab  $11.00

Item 5011 - Standard 17mm swab x 10

Item 5015 - 24mm Full frame swab x 10

Sorry, these swabs are now sold out.
A small quantity of swabs have been
reserved for owners of Sensor Kits.

Members should log in to obtain details on supply of reserved stock. Alternately send an email to the address listed in the Essentials Sensor Cleaning Guide for details on how to get stock.

Designed for Long Reach Swab